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Uranus opposite Juno

Upsets in love

Kelli Fox

This could be an exciting but basically frustrating one-year period when it comes to your romantic life, because all of your dearest ideals regarding love and commitment are going to to be challenged. Whatever it is that you want in love -- a traditional marriage complete with kids, cars and a mortgage, or something more personal but every bit as meaningful and durable as that -- is going to be called into question now. You might go through several affairs that you'll hope will lead to a commitment....

and then you'll break up again; another relationship with potential that was ultimately unrealized. This transit can also coincide with a relationship with one person in particular that goes through lots of ups and downs, and maybe even repeated breakups and reconciliations. However it happens, you'll feel as if you keep getting close to your ideal in love, only to have it snatched away from you yet again. Another layer of this troublesome energy is that what you think you want -- commitment, stability -- will end up feeling way too restrictive and limiting, and you'll subconsciously upset the balance in a perfectly good relationship just to shake things up.

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