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Uranus conjunct Venus

A brand-new you

Kelli Fox

During this one-year transit, you'll become more yourself than you've ever been before. It could be a slow, subtle process or an overnight makeover, but among other changes, your appearance will go through a major updating, which will increase your confidence in dating and finding the love you're looking for. You'll go through your closet and throw out all the clothes that don't fit anymore or no longer define the person you see yourself as being; you might start an exercise routine to slim down and tone up, or change your hairstyle or color.

You're all about updating your look, and it's just an outward reflection of changes going on inside. Your whole concept of love and relationship is changing radically. Your dating life could really pick up during this transit, but don't expect to make a commitment to anyone but yourself. You're in the mood to have a great time with lots of different, interesting, attractive people, to show off the new you. You'll truly live in the moment, taking what comes from each romantic connection you make. So have fun!

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