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Uranus conjunct Uranus

A perspective of wisdom and humor

Kelli Fox

This transit comes around only once or twice a lifetime -- for some people right after they're born, and then again when they're around eighty-four years old. Unless you're an incredible prodigy who can read at just a few weeks or months old, you're probably in the latter age category -- so if you're in the dating game, congratulations! You're still going strong, with a heart full of feeling and a soul that wants to connect with others.

And the wonderful thing about dating at your age is that now you're free from all those annoying concerns that used to get in the way of a satisfying connection when you were younger. Your old insecurities just don't matter now. You're smarter -- and wiser -- about life in general, and you've certainly got more time on your hands than you used to. You can look back on your life and all your many ups and downs in love with both humor and wisdom. Now, it's all gravy. You're not going to walk into any traps in love; you're just going to meet someone special and make a good, sweet connection. You've got the chance to make a bond based on your heightened understanding of the universe and your place in it, so any relationship that starts now will feel very significant.

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