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Uranus conjunct Sun

Awakening your soul

Kelli Fox

This transit happens only once in your lifetime, so wake up and pay attention! It's a long one -- its energy can last one to two years -- so you almost can't help but notice the influence it will have over your love life. This transit is all about change, about shaking up the status quo in your love life and bringing in something new and unusual that will teach you something important about yourself.

You'll be attracted to unusual people during this period, people that don't fit into your standard 'type'; and that's a good thing. Your soul is on a quest to learn, to awaken to its full potential, and you're attracted to anyone who can help you along on that quest. Unusual experiences will speak to a larger truth within you; your conversations with that special someone will range far and wide. But you might go out with several different people during this time, because one effect of this transit is to stimulate your need for freedom. You want to express yourself in your own unique way; as soon as a relationship starts to feel like a limitation, you'll be out the door, looking for someone new. As long as you don't make any promises to anyone, feel free to have fun and explore.

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