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Uranus conjunct Saturn

Out with the old, in with the new

Kelli Fox

The best outlook you could have during this rather difficult one-year transit would be to remember that change is natural, and nothing is ever permanent. During this period, the old, familiar structure of your life is going to change in some major and unexpected ways, and how that process goes for you depends a lot on how relaxed you can be in the eye of a storm. The truth is, whatever's left over at the end of this period was meant to last, and that includes romantic relationships.

Your love life will feel like a choppy sea -- ready to throw you over at any moment. Relationships will begin and end, and that could include a significant relationship that you really thought would last. But if you go through a breakup, try to remember that it's for good reason. Every change you weather during this time is breaking down old, useless structures in your life. Changes make way for something new to come about, after all, so don't lose heart if things just seem too chaotic. Subconsciously, you're making these changes occur because of a deep, inner sense that it's time to break down all the barriers in your life that aren't serving you. Insecurities will flare up in the process, but could be eradicated for life by the end of this period.

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