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Uranus conjunct Pluto

A new way of being

Kelli Fox

This one-year transit will be all about sudden, intense changes -- so much so that you could be overwhelmed by everything that's different about you and your life in general. You're attracted to completely different kinds of people now than you ever have been before, and the connections you'll form with them will be brand-new as well. The way you're used to approaching romance just won't apply any longer; something is outmoded now about how you're running your life, and you'll take notice of that in a big way.

In fact, you might even decide at some point during this period to pull away not just from dating, but from being social in general. If you do stay in the dating game, your relationships will be fleeting and intense. Don't expect anything to go the way you think it will. This period of your life will be like a wave in the ocean -- powerful, rolling along with a mind of its own. The best you can do is to ride with it. As long as you stay flexible, you'll do fine. And you could find that the new and unique relationship you're attracted to turns out to have lasting benefits, such as a whole new way of being.

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