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Uranus conjunct Neptune

Tuned in to subtle vibrations

Kelli Fox

You might be somewhat out of it during this one-year transit, more so than usual, anyway. If you space out on a date, it's not because you're not interested in what your potential sweetie is saying; it's that your mind is occupied with other things -- bigger concerns than the normal, mundane issues of life. For one thing, your psychic abilities are heightened now, so if you get a strong feeling one way or another about that sweetie you've had your eye on, do pay attention and follow it.

You're likely to make stronger connections with people who have a strong spiritual life. You're interested in that side of things -- the creative, ephemeral side that's just out of your grasp, but so interesting to speculate about. In fact, you're closer to that side of things now than usual. Your intuitions are humming, your psychic energies on high. But a word of warning is in order: avoid people who try to take emotional control over you, and don't go on any dates that involve excessive drinking or partying. You're so susceptible to the abstract, impressionable side of life now that you could get lost in someone or something.

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