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Uranus conjunct Mercury

Provoking a response

Kelli Fox

This is a rare transit -- it happens only once a lifetime, so you should take notice of its influence on your love life. All of a sudden, you're attracted to strange and interesting people with whom you can make a unique intellectual connection. You're not interested in going on dates and slogging through the standard getting-to-know-you mundane chitchat; you want to discuss subjects that are real and unique.

Art, politics, philosophy, spirituality, humanity in general -- these are the topics you're interested in, and you could make a lasting bond with someone based on how interesting your conversations are and how in-depth you can go together. Long phone calls with that special someone will reign during this period; and if you're not able to establish that talkative, exploratory connection, you're likely to move on to someone new. In fact, if you feel dissatisfied with the intellectual connection you've made with a potential sweetie, you're likely to probe and provoke them into argument -- anything to get a dialogue going, to get down to the bottom of what really matters! Try not to do this, though; it won't be fun for anyone but you.

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