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Uranus conjunct Mars

Pushing for something different

Kelli Fox

Your energies are running high during this one-year transit, and you could have a very interesting time of it when it comes to love. You're restless in the extreme, which may mean you'll buck commitment to one special person in favor of going out with all different types of people, to scratch that itch for freedom and excitement. Or, if you do commit to one special someone, your relationship will be marked by excitement, both good and bad.

You're especially testy now, and you might start arguments just for the sake of stirring things up between you and your sweetie. And as soon as the relationship starts to feel routine, watch out! You'll do whatever it takes to shake it up again, including breaking up at a moment's notice. Of course, being much more passive and patient would be a good thing; but such advice is probably lost on you. You're likely to do the very thing that you shouldn't, like making a snap decision in love; whether it's to get involved fast or break up even faster, it's probably not founded on good reasoning. Any words of caution are probably wasted on you, though; you're following your instincts now, doing what feels right in the moment. Good luck!

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