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Uranus conjunct Jupiter

Break out of that rut

Kelli Fox

This one-year transit provides you the perfect opportunity to get out into the world and meet new people. This energy only comes around once a lifetime, so take advantage! You can really change your life for the better now, starting with your social life.

Meeting new people is highlighted, as are uniqueness and individuality; accept dates with people whom you don't think are your usual type, and you'll probably find that they're very interesting, with a lot to offer. You want to gobble up the world now, and so you should. Say yes to every invitation you receive, even if it's to something you normally wouldn't be interested in; this period is all about exploratory expansion. You might pick up a new hobby or skill in something you never thought you'd be interested in. If you're in any kind of rut in your love life or life in general, now is the time to break out of it in a big way. Maybe you've been in a series of disappointing relationships, or maybe you just haven't been getting out enough, due to insecurities or apathy. But now you can push forward into the world, armed with a new understanding of who you are and what possibilities are open to you.

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