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Uranus conjunct Juno

Setting your own rules

Kelli Fox

There's a strong chance during this one-year transit that you'll meet someone new and unusual, be swept off your feet and make a firm commitment to each other. Your friends and family, who are on the outside of your relationship looking in, might worry that you're jumping into things too fast, but you'll know -- you've never been more sure of anything in your life. What an exciting possibility for this transit!

Unusual, unexpected twists and turns will occur in your love life, ones that will affect you in a big and long-term way; finding the mate of your dreams in an unexpected way is highlighted. You just never know what's going to happen during this period; you'll go out on lots of dates with many different and interesting people. But whatever happens, and whoever it happens with, it won't be the usual, humdrum, Point A to B to C progression from dating to love to commitment, that much is certain! And the committed relationship you end up with won't be traditional, either. You'll forge your own, unique bond, and set your own rules of engagement. Don't worry about what anyone tells you; if you can feel it in your heart, it's real.

Uranus conjunct Juno in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus conjunct Juno in the Composite Chart

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  1. samra on January 3, 2018 at 7:53 am


    this is amazing, a friend of mine told me I have juno natally in the 9th house in aries at 27 degrees. Uranus has now turned direct in the skies in aries and I wondered what does this mean. I’m in a relationship at the moment and wondered what would this all mean for me, how will this effect my love life or any key themes 🙂
    any info or guidance would be so appreciated,


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