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Sun trine Saturn

Being yourself, naturally

Kelli Fox

Anyone you get involved with at this time will give you a lot of respect, because right now, you command it. Not in a forceful or overbearing way, either; you're just being yourself, and you're coming across to the world as a mature, authoritative and sophisticated person, someone to be reckoned with. Obviously, if you get to know someone new at this time, they'll be very impressed with you!

Even the smallest details will make a great impression: You'll show up on time to meet your date; you won't interrupt them during conversation or try too hard to wow them with how smart or cool or attractive you are. You won't need to; you'll just be yourself, natural and confident, and that will be plenty. You're also good at setting boundaries during this transit, so if someone is coming on too strong or making you uncomfortable, you'll be able to get out of the situation easily and gracefully. You might look at this period of a couple of weeks as a great time to get your dating life in order. Make contact with new people, and don't bother to push a connection if it doesn't feel like a sure thing. Your instincts are well-focused now, and you can trust them.

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