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Sun trine Pluto

Fresh eyes

Kelli Fox

If you make contact with someone new during this period or go out on a date, you can feel reasonably certain that this person is worth your time. You're in a frame of mind now to attract intense, honest, deep people and experiences, and you won't settle for light chitchat when getting to know someone. You'll want to dig deep and talk about the things that really matter to you -- life, death, anxiety, love, pain.

You'll really impress your potential partner with your intelligence, your perceptiveness and your ability to get real, fast. You're in the mood to transform yourself -- to move to a higher level of personhood -- and you can do it through intense conversation: with yourself, via a journal; with that special someone, through emails, phone calls or a date; or even with a therapist, if you choose to take that route. You'll be drawn to intense conversations with anyone who will go down into the depths with you. Even if you don't end up making a lasting romantic connection, you'll still come through this week-or-two-long period feeling rejuvenated at a soul level and ready to continue looking for love with fresh eyes.

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