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Sun trine Neptune

Up on a cloud

Kelli Fox

You'll be attracted to artistic and sensitive types during this period, because they will reflect how you're feeling within your soul. You're feeling even more compassionate than usual, and emotionally sensitive, which will make a wonderful impression on that special someone. You'll come across to them as a kind and caring soul.

If you want to get to know someone new during this time, you'll do it at a deeper level than usual. No fun, flirty dates for you; you're interested in baring your soul to someone, and seeing if it matches up with theirs. Instead of going out for drinks at a noisy bar, you should ask your potential sweetie to accompany you to an art gallery or a poetry reading -- something that will stimulate your hearts and your creativity as well as your minds, and give you plenty of fodder for deep conversation. There is the possibility during this transit that you'll idealize someone new and special, which could lead to disillusionment in a week or two when you come down from your cloud and realize they're a real person with real flaws; but the comedown shouldn't be too dramatic or painful. In general, your instincts are right on now, so go with them.

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