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Sun square Uranus

A need for space

Kelli Fox

A sudden need for space will make this period of a week or two very difficult in terms of getting intimate with that special someone. Regardless of how you felt last week, this week is different, and you're just not in the mood to be tied down! If you've been communicating with someone in a way that seemed like it was going to lead someplace special, you could really let them down at this time.

You just won't be your usual, reliable self; you'll show up late for dates, you'll tell them you'll call and then don't, or you'll seem distracted or even uninterested when you're talking with them on the phone or out on a date. Obviously, now is not the time to contact someone new, because you won't come across as a very good bet in terms of starting a new relationship. Now, if you're just looking for something quick and exciting, this period could bring that to you -- but don't expect it to end cleanly. You're definitely better off just going out, having a good time and not making any promises. It would be a shame to let someone down just because you were being indiscriminate in your attentions.

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