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Sun square Sun

Be patient

Kelli Fox

Whew -- you're just not feeling yourself during this period. You're edgy and ready to react to just about anything, and your energy is low. Even if you're in a hopeful and optimistic frame of mind, you're likely to notice that you keep coming up against challenges.

This is probably not the best time to go out on a date, especially with someone new; there will just be too many challenging elements preventing you two from making a good connection. You could think things are going fine one minute, but then you'll say something innocuous, and they'll get their back up -- and there goes a perfectly good date. It'll be that easy to set someone off during these few days, or to get your own feelings hurt by them. You're more likely to put your foot in your mouth at this time, or to react defensively to something that normally wouldn't bother you. You could take things personally that aren't meant that way. Communicating with that special someone could be really difficult at this time, but don't let that make you lose hope in the connection. This transit is short, so what appears bleak now could look a lot rosier in a week or so. Just be patient; you'll make that connection soon.

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