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Sun square Mercury

Potential for miscommunication

Kelli Fox

Foot-in-mouth disease bothering you lately? It's likely to flare up during this period. Thank goodness this transit only comes around twice a year!

You may find it hard to make a good connection, especially with someone new. You'll do and say things that will just come out wrong, and you could offend people without even meaning to or realizing it. Conversely, they could offend you by saying something that wouldn't normally bother you. This isn't the best time for a date, or even for getting in contact with someone; your communication won't be at its best, and you could end up spoiling something that would have been a perfectly good connection at another time. If you do get together with that special someone, you won't like the fact that you're really different, with diverse ideas and opinions on a variety of subjects. You might even get into an argument, and if you're fighting with someone you've only just met or made contact with, that doesn't bode well for the future of the relationship! So why not just chill out and take a week or two off the dating scene? You can avoid miscommunications by not trying to communicate with anyone new.

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