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Sun square Juno

Not a good time to connect

Kelli Fox

If you're drawn to someone special during this period, don't expect the connection to go smoothly, even if you feel in your heart that this person is significant and could be the match you've been searching for. That still could be true, but you're not in the right space to focus on commitment or the long term. In fact, you're probably in a space in which you couldn't commit to someone if you tried, even if you were deeply in love with them!

Thank goodness this transit lasts less than two weeks. The best move here is to stay away from potential love interests, because you could definitely come across as a love 'em and leave 'em type at this time, or at least confused about what you want. Your needs for a long-term love just aren't clear to you now; if you were to get involved with someone, you might feel that their affection and attention were burdens on you, or just not what you're looking for. Or, you might not be able to handle their individuality -- the ways in which they're different from you. So just take some time out, some me-time that will help you redefine what you're looking for in a lover and how you're going to find it.

Sun square Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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