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Sun sextile Venus

Make it happen

Kelli Fox

Make that contact, because you're in a wonderful frame of mind for friendship or something more. You're in a soft, generous mood; you're ready to accept anything and anyone, and you'll naturally encourage the best parts of everyone you're in contact with to come to the forefront. A perfect date for you during this period would be one that included good food, candlelight, fine wine and excellent conversation with someone special.

Your communicative powers are well-honed right now, so you should use them! Email or call that hottie and ask them out; or if it's not the right time for that, get an online conversation going. You'll be surprised at how intimate you can get with someone just through a few emails and text messages. Love and affection are definitely in the air with this transit; you just feel open to all the sweet possibilities, like a kid in a candy store. This is a wonderful time to go out with someone new or deepen an existing relationship. You'll gaze into your potential sweetie's eyes and you'll see a promise for the future... And they'll see affection and support in yours. What a match! Make it happen.

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