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Sun sextile Saturn

A good head on your shoulders

Kelli Fox

You'll come across as very mature and grounded during this time, so you'll attract people who are either similarly grounded, or who need a grounding influence in their life so they're drawn to your strength! In general, this is a great time to get to know someone new, because you're in a very sensible frame of mind. You won't expect too much from a first date, knowing they'll be awkward at best.

And for that reason, you might even have more fun than usual, because you won't worry about whether this is The One or what kind of impression you're making. Instead, you'll be concerned with more practical matters: Is this someone I can get along with? Do they seem like someone I could know and like for a long time? You'll have your wits about you, so you won't let yourself get swept off your feet. No, this may not be the most fun, frolicsome week or two of your life, but you could make some really good, solid contacts during this time. In fact, if you find yourself attracted to someone past the first email or date during this transit, you can feel reasonably certain that they're worth getting to know better.

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