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Sun sextile Pluto

Magnetic attraction

Kelli Fox

If there's someone special who has caught your eye, now is a good time to go after them, because you're in a highly charismatic frame of mind and your personal power is on high. But be forewarned: You could get obsessive about someone at this time. You're all about deep urges and intense experiences, so you won't be satisfied with small talk on a date or light, pleasant flirting.

You want to get under the surface of things and find out what's really going on -- what this new person is really like, what makes them tick, what's their greatest fear, their deepest regret, their highest ambition... You could come on really strong, so let's hope the object of your desires can handle your intensity! But it's likely that they can; that they'll be attracted to you exactly because you're so intense and compelling. They'll be very sexually attracted to you right off, too, so make sure you don't get into anything you'll regret later. In general, though, this will be a great couple of weeks, because you'll feel as if you're on the edge of meeting someone amazing and making a wonderful connection.

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