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Sun sextile Neptune

An artistic soul

Kelli Fox

You could make a really romantic, even spiritual connection with someone during this time, because your soul is tuned in to that level of existence and experience. Your compassionate side is at the forefront, and you'll make an impression on someone new as a really caring, kind and sensitive person. This is a great time for artistic or humanitarian dates -- go out with your potential sweetie to an art museum or a play, or work together at a soup kitchen for an afternoon.

You'll be elbow-to-elbow with someone who might turn out to be really special to you. Music is also a great outlet for your soul during this week or two, so if you're not yet at the dating stage with someone, you could establish contact by asking them what music they've been listening to, or email them an MP3 of a song that's been touching your heart. This period is all about beauty and creativity, and emotional sensitivity to forces greater than yourself. It's a wonderful time to get to know someone new, because you'll get to know their soul as you reveal yours to them. As long as you make sure not to idealize that special someone to the point that you get the wrong impression of them, you'll make an inspiring connection.

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