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Sun sextile Mercury

A sparkling wit

Kelli Fox

Your unique personality and individuality are shining during this one-week period, which makes it a wonderful time to get in touch with someone new. You're in a great space to impress just about anyone, and you're open to unusual ideas and different types of people. Your mind is humming and your personality is sparkling; if you were a car, you'd be fresh from a tune-up and a detail wash, and ready to go!

You command respect right now, and you'll draw people to you with your charisma and your charm. That's right -- your communicative ease will translate during this period to an effervescent appeal that will delight your admirers. So if you're normally shy, take advantage of this transit! Write an email that will showcase your unique wit and perspective; ask that special someone out on a date, and make it an activity that encourages conversation. Something fun and lively is just up your alley; live music, a Bingo game, whatever it is, as long as it's out and among the people -- and not too noisy to get to know each other -- you'll both have a great time. Don't be surprised if your conversation lasts long past time to go home.

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