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Sun sextile Juno

Meeting your match

Kelli Fox

Whoever it is that catches your eye during this transit, you can feel reasonably certain that they're a really good bet in terms of compatibility and long-term potential. Your instincts are humming, pointing you almost effortlessly toward people whose intentions are as sterling as yours are. You want to make a real connection, something that will last and endure, and this transit offers you that opportunity.

You're tuned in, and if there's someone waiting in the wings for you, they'll come out at this time and open you up to all the wonderful possibilities. Even if that doesn't happen -- no one special catches your eye, and you don't make contact with anyone new or go on any dates -- this two-week period will still be an important one for the future of your love life. During this time, you'll solidify your ideas about love and romance, and what you're looking for in a relationship. Some things could come clear to you that weren't clear before, and even though it might not feel like it, you'll be that much closer to meeting your perfect match. This is a good time to make sure all the information you've posted about yourself on dating sites and the like still applies.

Sun sextile Juno in the Compatibility Chart

Sun sextile Juno in the Composite Chart

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