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Sun opposite Sun

Opposites attract and repel

Kelli Fox

This one could go either way. You're operating under a strange and interesting energy, and it could either make you feel uncomfortable or it could leave you feeling excited, turned on and tuned in! It all depends on you.

You might be attracted at this time to someone who's really different from you, and you'll be simultaneously annoyed by and drawn to those differences. Whether this will be a relationship that lasts remains to be seen. Some folks thrive on connections with people who challenge and stimulate them, but other people like to be more comfortable. Which type are you? If you fall into the second category, you might want to wait a week or two before making contact with anyone new, because this period will probably leave you feeling out of sorts, and you'll be guarded around anyone who seems too different or unusual. But if you're into unique types who keep you on your toes, by all means, send that hottie an email or ask them out! Just don't expect to be two peas in a pod. The energy of this transit is all about an interesting, even uncomfortable challenge.

Sun opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Sun opposite Sun in the Transit Chart

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