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Sun opposite Saturn

Don't lose heart

Kelli Fox

If you feel uncomfortable with someone new during this period, don't try to talk yourself out of it or pass it off to yourself as just fine. Your instincts are probably right on if you're feeling uncomfortable, because during this week-plus period, you're not very good at setting boundaries. You could unwittingly attract people who want to take advantage of you -- people who have their own agenda, and don't care about yours.

Now, this shouldn't be overstated; it's possible that you can find someone new during this period who's a perfectly nice person, someone you could really get along with. Just don't make any snap judgments or get too intimate with anyone until this tricky energy passes. If you do make contact with someone new or go out on a date, reserve judgment for a couple of weeks until your head clears and you can make a more accurate assessment of who this person is and whether or not they're good for you. Good thing this transit only happens once a year! Because it won't likely be a lot of fun. You might just feel thwarted in your love life, but don't lose heart. In a week or two, things will pick up again.

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