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Sun opposite Mars

A challenging energy

Kelli Fox

If you're attracted to a certain someone and you want to make that first contact, it's best to hold off a bit. Wait a week or two until the current energy wears off, because you won't make your best impression during this time. It's not that it's impossible to make a good connection with someone now, but it definitely won't be easy.

Your energies are running just a little too high, and you could come across as confrontational when you think you're just stating your opinion. You could also come on too strong, because you'll think you're being assertive when really you're being aggressive and making the other person uncomfortable. Another possibility during this period is that you'll contact or go out with someone you like, but then you'll spend the whole conversation in defense mode, because you'll think they're challenging you -- when they're not. You could find it hard not to get your feathers ruffled during this time, and you'll almost definitely rub other people the wrong way. But hey -- this period only lasts a couple of weeks, so why not wait to ask out that certain someone? You've waited this long for a good thing; a couple more weeks won't hurt you.

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