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Sun opposite Jupiter

Food for the soul

Kelli Fox

Though you're not feeling at your best during this period, making contact with that special someone could still work out, because they might actually see your wonderful qualities better than you can. However, with this transit, trouble could occur if you push yourself out into the dating world. You'll hold other people to the same overly high standards by which you're judging yourself, which isn't fair.

Why not spend this time working on developing yourself? If you're feeling like there's no one out there that's good enough for you, it's just that you're not in the right frame of mind to give and receive love and affection. If you feel like you don't have a lot to offer a potential lover, it's an indicator that you need a little boost in your self-image. You might be better off taking a week or two away from dating and looking for The One, and spending a little time with number one -- you. Go see a movie that makes you laugh and cry; you'll feel uplifted, as if your soul has expanded by a few degrees. Anything you do that puts you in touch with your own sense of hope and optimism is a good thing at this time.

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