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Sun conjunct Venus

In the mood for love

Kelli Fox

You are in the mood for love during this period, and you should definitely make the most of it -- this transit only comes around once a year, and it only lasts a couple of weeks. During this time you're incredibly loving, affectionate and creative in your self-expression. Everyone around you will notice how attractive and friendly you are; they'll feel drawn to you like bees to honey, or a moth to the flame.

You'll put out a very sensual vibe that will really make an impression on your admirers, and you'll leave them wanting much, much more. So if there's someone you've been too shy to make contact with, go ahead and do it now. They're sure to be impressed, because you're at your best during this time, physically and otherwise. Enjoy this period and your magnetic attractiveness, but don't ruin a good thing by being too vain about your own appeal! No one likes an egotist, and if you approach someone with the attitude of 'I'm so hot, you'd be crazy not to date me,' you'll just turn them off. Let them figure it out for themselves; after all, it'll be hard to miss how good you'll make them feel and how much they'll want to be around you.

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