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Sun conjunct Uranus

Spontaneous impulses

Kelli Fox

If you fall hard for someone during this period, don't necessarily trust your emotions -- you're operating under some strange and excitable energies. You could wake up in a week or two wondering exactly why you thought you were so into this person. Now, that caution aside, this could be a really fun time!

It only happens once a year, so have fun -- just not too much fun. This could be a whirlwind couple of weeks of dating and making new contacts, and your new potential lovers will find you fascinating indeed. You're putting out a current of energy that's like an electrical charge to anyone who gets involved with you. In fact, you could be a bit much to handle right now, especially for someone who's more reserved than you. You'll be full of great ideas, bouncing off the walls, and unless you're with someone who can handle that kind of energy, you're likely to turn off a potential date because you'll just seem, well, weird to them. And it's true; you'll have some unusual, spontaneous impulses at this time. But if you can match up with the right person, someone who's willing to follow your lead, you could have the time of your life!

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