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Sun conjunct Sun

Happy birthday to you

Kelli Fox

Happy birthday! You're celebrating a new year of living and being you. You should feel an extra burst of energy (as long as all your friends remember to call you up and sing you the 'Happy birthday' song, that is!).

You're basking in the energy that you were born into -- the energy that is the core of your soul, the fire that keeps your heart burning. And since you're feeling so strongly yourself, plus you're probably in the mood to get out and have a good time, this is a great time to get in touch with someone new and cute. Make them take you out for a birthday dessert! Okay, don't make them -- but you're feeling just a little bit sassy, so you can definitely charm them into pretty much whatever you want. If you're the type to mope around your birthday, feeling like getting another year older is a bad thing (which it isn't! You're getting smarter, cooler and more mature!), then what better way to take your mind off it than a date with someone special? You'll make a good impression on them because you're fully yourself now, so they'll get an authentic picture of who you are. So go ahead, put yourself out there. It's your birthday treat.

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