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Sun conjunct Saturn

Feeling preoccupied

Kelli Fox
Sun conjunct Saturn

During this period, you might not be in the mood to get to know someone new or go out on a date, which will be for the best. You're more serious-minded now than usual, and if you were to go out with someone new, you'd make the wrong impression. They would think you were overly serious, and maybe even a stick-in-the-mud, which you're not -- not usually, anyway!

But during this once-a-year transit, you'll find it hard to relax and let loose. If you do go out on a date, you'll probably sit there stiffly the whole time, finding it impossible to crack a smile, even if your date is a professional standup comedian. If you do decide to go out with someone new during this time, don't let them talk you into a date at an amusement park or anything like it -- you'll just spend the whole time feeling uncomfortable. A lunch date might be a much better idea right now, at an economical restaurant, because your mind just isn't on romance; instead you're preoccupied with all the usual worries of daily life -- your career, your finances, your future. Better yet, just take a week or two off from the dating scene, until you feel a little more relaxed and like your usual self.

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