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Sun conjunct Pluto

Plumbing their hidden depths

Kelli Fox

You're putting out an intense, charismatic energy at this time. Others will be drawn to you like a moth to flame -- or maybe more like a meteorite to a black hole, because you're that powerful! This period of less than two weeks only comes around once a year, which is probably a good thing, because your intensity during this time might be off the charts.

You could even give someone the wrong impression about what kind of person you are, because you won't be interested during this period in frivolous fun. If you go out on a date, you'll want it to be just like you -- intense. You'll want to get to the bottom of your potential lover's soul, find out who they are under the surface. That's fine, but can't you wait a few dates to start probing those depths? People get to know each other in stages; you can't get all the deep and subtle information about someone on the first date or even the fifth or tenth, and you definitely can't get it by force. Depending on the person you're attracted to, your intensity could actually scare someone away. You might want to tone it down for a week or two until this energy passes.

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