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Sun conjunct Neptune

Don't get taken for a ride

Kelli Fox

You could idealize someone new at this time, if you're not careful. You're in an especially vulnerable period when it comes to love; you're feeling sensitive and intuitive, and you could get a feeling about someone new and run with it. But what happens if your perception of them was wrong?

They could take advantage of you before you even realize it, because you'll be too busy convincing yourself that this is really someone special -- maybe even The One -- to pay attention to the obvious signs that this person isn't right for you. But the emotional sensitivity you'll feel at this time shouldn't be wasted, so use it to make contact -- and just make contact. Don't be too quick to get intimate with someone before you really know them, and pay careful attention to any red flags that come up for you. Remind yourself to take it slowly; you might even set a boundary for yourself, such as no dates during this two-week period. Limit yourself to emails, IMs and phone calls; that way you'll lessen the chances that you'll get taken for a ride. Pay attention to the road signs, and you'll escape the disillusionment that can follow this transit, while enjoying the dreamy, idealistic mood it creates.

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