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Sun conjunct Mercury

Reach out and touch someone

Kelli Fox

This is a great time to get in touch with that special someone, but take note -- this transit only comes around once a year, and it lasts only a week or so. So take advantage! During this period, you'll be extremely in tune with your own mind.

There will be an easy connection between your ideas and conversation -- you won't have to worry that you'll put your foot in your mouth! Instead, your words will be lyrical and your ideas inspired. This is a great time to pen a love poem to someone you want to impress or write an email to that hottie who's caught your eye, because your personality will jump right into their heart! It's also a great time for phone conversations; if you call the object of your desires during this period, don't be surprised if you two end up staying up all night long, talking about every single thing under the Sun. This is definitely a good time to impress someone with your intellectual prowess, so if you want to be loved for your mind, speak up now. Remember, this transit won't come around again till next year!

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