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Sun conjunct Mars

Brimming with confidence

Kelli Fox

You'll feel aggressive and assertive during this period, which is a good thing when it comes to making contact with a potential date; you'll feel like you can do no wrong, and your confidence is up. But don't let yourself go overboard. If you want to make a good impression on your future sweetie, you'd best not come on too strong.

Confidence is attractive, but overconfidence is a turnoff. So some prudence will be needed during this time, because you could easily convince yourself that you're the lover of the ages and the object of your desires should bow at your feet! On the other hand, if you're normally really shy when it comes to dating, you should take advantage of this assertive period, because it only comes around once a year and it lasts two weeks or less. So ask that person out, or send them an email. Your personality will come out loud and clear, so you'll definitely make an impression -- and hey, if you end up turning them off by being so strongly yourself, that's probably for the best. It just shows that they're not your type anyway!

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