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Sun conjunct Jupiter

An expansive mood

Kelli Fox

You're in a great mood during this period; you feel expansive, lucky, in tune with the universe and all its wonderful possibilities. On your end, this will seem like a great time to get in touch with that special someone, and it probably will be -- but do try to tone it down a bit if you're talking to someone new. You could accidentally come across as egotistical to someone who doesn't know you well!

Confidence is definitely attractive, but some people could misread you. if you take someone new out on a date and pay for everything, you'll think you're being generous, but they might think you're showing off. If you're attracted to someone who's confident and secure, of course, this shouldn't be a problem. And don't try curb your great mood; just keep your chin up if things don't go as well as planned. But overall, these couple of weeks will increase your confidence and optimism, as well as your charm. It's an excellent time to reach out, make contact and greatly expand your personal horizons through interaction with someone sweet and special. A new relationship might begin even as you explore existing ones. Your reach is enormous right now. Enjoy this ride!

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