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Sun conjunct Juno

Getting serious

Kelli Fox

You're feeling intense, centered and focused on your goal: a relationship that's loving, one that lasts. You are more serious during this transit than usual about love and relationships, so you're not likely to get involved in anything frivolous. You're not interested in anything that seems like it's just for the here and now; you're looking not for an affair, but a commitment.

With that in mind, pay attention to your instincts during this transit, which only comes around once a year and lasts less than two weeks. At this time you're naturally drawn to people who are as serious about love as you are, so if someone catches your eye during this period and holds it, it's likely that they're worth your time. This is a good time to make contact with someone special -- if someone actually does seem special to you; but if no one is jumping off the computer screen at you, bide your time. There's no need to try to force a connection with someone. If it's possible, your gut and your heart will both tell you so. If not, just sit back and wait. You've waited this long for The One to come around; you can stand to wait a little longer.

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