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Saturn trine Venus

Finding that stable connection

Kelli Fox

You'll work on your existing relationships during this transit, to make them as stable and mutually beneficial as possible. Whoever it is that you're attracted to at this time is probably a good bet in terms of a long-term bond, because you're not interested in anything frivolous or unstable. Your flirtations could even verge a little bit on the boring side, because you're so security-conscious; but that's not a bad thing.

You can use the energy of this period to focus on what's truly important to you in a love affair. What are you looking for in a romantic relationship? At this time, you could almost make a list and then compare it to the people you see, and make a connection with someone who's just right for you; you're that tuned in to yourself and your needs. And furthermore, you're more than willing to meet the needs of your sweetie pie; you want to explore how you connect with someone else and how your bond will serve you both. What starts out as just a flirtation or a series of getting-to-know-you emails at the beginning of this transit could deepen into a stable, important relationship by the end.

Saturn trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn trine Venus in the Transit Chart

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