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Saturn trine Sun

Keep moving forward

Kelli Fox

You're able to accomplish a lot during this ten-month transit, both at work and at home. Everything you do will have great results if you apply yourself with dedication and an earnest desire for success, and the same goes for your love life. You can really find someone special now, because you've got an eye for quality.

You're not looking to be swept off your feet; you're more interested in something real and lasting, and you're willing to put in the effort to hold up your end of a relationship. In terms of the initial impression you'll make on that special someone, the fact that things are going so well at work can only operate in your favor; your new pal will be impressed by your successes and will want to know more about this interesting, attractive person who's so able to apply themselves with great focus and effort. You could make a real, strong connection with someone now, so make sure that you don't take your bond for granted. It could feel really easy to connect romantically, but in reality it will be the result of your applied efforts, so keep your inertia moving forward for the best results.

Saturn trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn trine Sun in the Transit Chart

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