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Saturn trine Saturn

In touch and in tune

Kelli Fox

This ten-month transit represents a period of equilibrium for you, one in which the stability and peace you feel on the inside are reflected not only in your work and home life, but in your love life as well. Someone special whom you've been getting to know could become very important to you now; a budding relationship could blossom and deepen. Whatever it is that you're working on, it's going to get more stable and secure now.

That might just mean that your own sense of yourself deepens and stabilizes, which will make you a better date and mate for that special someone who's waiting around the corner! Especially if you're ordinarily shy about the dating game, this transit should give you the opportunity to settle into yourself and come out of your shell a bit. Because you're so in touch and in tune with yourself, you understand very well what you need in a romantic relationship. Your eye for finding someone who will help you meet your needs is much keener now, so use your best judgment when you're reaching out to someone new and starting to get to know them. You might just find someone really special!

Saturn trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn trine Saturn in the Transit Chart

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