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Saturn trine Neptune

Fantasies into reality

Kelli Fox

Your dreams could come true during this ten-month transit, which signifies the marriage of reality with your deepest, dearest fantasies. That special someone that you've been dreaming of could walk right into your life and dazzle you, and you'll be so swept away by them and by the power of your love that you'll fall into serving them selflessly. For once, serving a lover selflessly is a good idea!

You want to make them feel wonderful, to return the favor of how great they make you feel. Unlike lots of other times, this period grants you permission to live in a dream -- which is really a contradiction in terms, if you think about it; real life isn't about dreaming so much as cold, harsh reality. But for you, at this time, reality is a dream. In fact, pay close attention to your dreams when you start getting involved with someone new; your sleeping life will reveal a lot to you about your waking one. You're uniquely able to make a deep, spiritual connection with someone during this period, so take advantage of the opportunity. By all means, trust your instincts in love. If you're drawn to a certain person, it's probably for a good reason.

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