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Saturn trine Mars

An eye for quality

Kelli Fox

You're in a patient mind space during this ten-month transit. You don't mind working slowly, carefully and steadily toward your goals in love, because you feel confident that you're going to reach them someday. That makes this the perfect time to get to know someone slowly and thoroughly.

Take a budding relationship one date at a time, or even one email or phone call at a time. Ask them questions about themselves, and really consider the answers. Reveal bits and pieces about yourself to this new, special person in your life, and know that you're going someplace good with them. Even if the relationship ultimately goes nowhere, that's okay; you'll understand deep within yourself that it's one step further toward your goal of finding a mate to build a solid, loving relationship with. But the likelihood is good that you'll connect with someone worthwhile during this period, someone with whom you have a good chance of establishing something sweet and even long-term. You've got an eye for quality, and you instinctively know how to start a flirtation with someone that's really something more, something that can lead to a real and lasting connection.

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