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Saturn trine Jupiter

It's all gravy

Kelli Fox

Your work or career should go really well during this period. You might not be making tons of money, but you're definitely on your path, and you feel confident and secure as a result. That confidence will spill over into your love life; you'll impress a date not only with your career successes, but with the obvious way you wear those successes -- with calm confidence and a self-assured way about you.

You're also calm and assured about your love life at this time. You're not expecting to get swept off your feet; in fact, you're even more able and willing than usual to forgive your potential sweetie's flaws. You can overlook momentary annoyances and setbacks because you've got your eye on the future, on the big picture. If you go out with someone who can discuss that big picture with you, then so much the better. You're interested in making an intellectual, spiritual connection now; the rest is just gravy. You might even be attracted to someone older than you, because you'll see them as being smarter than you are, able to teach you things that you want to know about life and love.

Saturn trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn trine Jupiter in the Transit Chart

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  1. mladen on July 19, 2018 at 8:19 am

    It’s not the case in my natal chart now… bcs my natal jupiter is on 29 of leo… saturn is now ret. on 4.18 capricorn… orbis for that two planets is not in aspect

    • Kelli on July 19, 2018 at 9:43 am

      Hi, actually, it is the case and it’s called an “out-of-sign” trine. When calculating aspects you have to take the orb into consideration rather than just the sign. It seems the orb is within 5 degrees and with trines an 8 degree orb is acceptable.

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