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Saturn square Sun

The ties that bind

Kelli Fox

This period of several months will be somewhat challenging for you, and the feelings of restriction and opposition could spill over into your dating life. You're in the midst of some challenging energy at this time; you might encounter trouble at work with your boss or supervisor, even if you're doing a great job, or you could come up against red tape when you try to move forward on a project. Whatever you do, you'll feel at different points as if you're being thwarted at every turn.

Will this happen in your love life as well? That remains to be seen. You could use dating as a fun refuge from your troubles, going out with someone special as an escape from the problems you're encountering in your daily life; but it's more likely that you'll take any stress or tension with you when you go out on a date. You won't make a great impression if you come across as tense or preoccupied, and if a date ends up going nowhere, you could add it to the list of things that aren't going well in your life. Struggling against opposition at this time is a bad idea; it's best just to go with the flow, take what comes and wait for the easier times that lie ahead.

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