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Saturn square Saturn

A sense of discouragement

Kelli Fox

Where are you heading, really, in your life? Are you moving in the direction you meant to move in, or in one that's good for you? These are the kinds of questions you'll ask yourself during this ten-month transit, which could be something of a difficult time in your life, depending on various factors.

Regarding your love life, you might be thrown into a crisis of confidence during this period; you might suddenly think that all the people you've been getting to know are the wrong people, or the budding relationship you've been enjoying is actually going nowhere. Personal insecurities could also assail you now; if you haven't been having much luck in love, you could take the blame upon yourself, wondering what's wrong with you that you can't land a mate. Try to take comfort in the fact that it's not you; it's just this period in your life, a period that everyone has to go through. Your path and your actions are called into question, and you have to look closely at them and try to figure out if you're really doing the right things, the best things for you as the individual that you truly are.

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