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Saturn square Pluto

Intense involvement

Kelli Fox

This will be a very intense period when it comes to your romantic relationships. You might get intensely, even sexually involved with someone that you really don't know very well, which means the relationship could end abruptly when a sort of reality check sets in -- you really don't know this person, and why are you suddenly so deeply, intimately involved with them? You could also get deeply involved with someone and then start to feel terribly restricted, as if all your personal freedom is gone in the face of this new union you've created.

Your love connections during this ten-month period will be consuming; you might even become obsessed with someone, which will be especially difficult if the relationship ends before you're ready. You'll keep thinking about it and analyzing it, trying to figure out where you went wrong. The answer is probably simply that the intensity was too much to bear. It would be best for you to wait before getting deeply involved with anyone, but that advice might be lost on you; this period is all about taking the plunge, even against the best advice and intentions.

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