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Saturn square Mercury

Feeling very pessimistic

Kelli Fox

If you go out with someone now, whether it's someone new or someone you've already been getting to know, you might not have as good of a time as you'd hope. You'll sense that your opinions just don't match up with those of your date, and you could get into arguments or just tense, challenging moments in which you both really feel the divide between you. Depending on you and your mood, you could take it much too personally.

You might start to feel as if you're all alone; as if you just don't think in the same way as everyone else, and that will be quite a lonely, alienated feeling. Or you could feel mad at your date -- Why are they challenging you so much? Why can't they just get along with you and make nice? You could start feeling so pessimistic about your connection with that special someone that you'll let the relationship go before it even properly begins, or at least you'll think about it. Breaking it off would be taking the easy way out. It'll be hard, but you'd do better to try to communicate as best you can, and figure out where the differences between you are coming from. After all is said, you'll probably find that you're not that different after all. At least you can agree to disagree.

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