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Saturn square Jupiter

Extreme restlessness

Kelli Fox

You might want to go out on dates and paint the town all shades of red during this ten-month transit, but your finances might not permit it. This can be a difficult period, because it's all about needing to pull back even when you really, really don't want to. You've got a taste for excess, for drinking and eating too much, for going out with too many different people and laughing too loud.

This period will challenge you not to do those things, even though you feel like it. If you try to rebel and do them anyway, you'll find yourself brought up short -- with an empty bank account, for example, or with that special someone who's suddenly annoyed with you because you're not treating them as if they're very special at all. In fact, this period of time could coincide with a sudden cooling-off or even ending of a new relationship that you were really having fun with. All of a sudden, you just feel as if you need to break free; you can't be held down by anyone's restrictions. If a flirtation ends during this time, it's probably for the best; but it's still too bad that you'll feel such a need to buck off any and all sense of responsibility or duty to your sweetie.

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