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Saturn square Juno

Dead ends in love

Kelli Fox

Even if you think you've found the love you've been looking for, this ten-month transit could throw that into question in a big way. This could be an uncomfortable period for you; what you thought was going to be a lasting connection could turn out not to be nearly so stable or significant, and you'll end up alone again, just when you thought you had it all worked out. Just remember -- if that's what happens, it's for the best.

This transit is all about forcing things to a head, so if you're involved in a relationship that's not meant to last, it will change or end now. And really, that's a good thing; though any loss hurts at least a little, you'll be one step closer to finding the commitment you seek. However, it might not feel like a good thing at the time, when that someone who seemed so special turns out not to be as into you as you thought they were, or that budding love affair withers on the vine. The best approach now is just to accept what happens as gracefully as possible. Better times are ahead; just keep repeating that to yourself. Any setbacks in love are for a reason; it's just not your time yet to get into something long-term and committed.

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